Like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is a social networking platform – a professional networking platform. Whether you’re looking to establish a more professional and popular presence on LinkedIn, or want more profile views from people in your industry, make sure you are following these simple and easy steps to maximise your LinkedIn presence:

Be LinkedIn Ready:

Use your Title to state what you are currently doing. If you are not working, that’s fine, but ensure that you have stated that you are a student or are looking for opportunities. Remember, LinkedIn is full of recruiters headhunting for various roles. You will market yourself easier as a potential employee when this is clearly stated on your profile.

Fill in the gaps! Don’t underestimate the importance of each section. Whether it is stating the industry or a brief voluntary role that you held two years ago, make this known. Your connections will be interested in different aspects of you, not just your job titles.

Your profile is an online CV, but it is also a social networking site. Therefore, do not just replicate what is already on your CV. This is your opportunity to show your personality. Make yourself likeable, interesting and fun, as well as professional and reputable.

Get Connected:

The aim of LinkedIn goes beyond getting 500+ connections. It’s about quality not quantity. Make sure your connections are relevant to you in some way. Ask yourself: are they in your industry/desired industry? Does their work interest you?  By doing this, you will make your newsfeed the most tailored to you and your interests.

As you do on Facebook and Instagram, like and comment on relevant posts. You will get more exposure to relevant professionals, who may take the opportunity to view your profile and connect. Commenting on other people’s posts and blogs on LinkedIn is also a virtual type of networking.

Scroll and apply! Take the time to scroll through your feed. It may not be as entertaining as your other social media profiles, but if you’ve followed the steps above to make your feed more tailored to you, then it should definitely be interesting. LinkedIn is a platform to advertise jobs, and with connections in your aspiring industries they could be recruiting for a job suited to you. This may not even be one that they are advertising on a careers website. So getting yourself ‘in the know’ amongst the right people will definitely get you noticed and bring to light many more opportunities.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to really showcase your skills and personality as well as your experience. With these steps, you are sure to maximise your LinkedIn presence. So, on your marks, get set, connect!

Original source:

By Ammarah K. Javid for City Gambit

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