City Gambit offered me focused and tailored support with the parts of the process that I needed to improve on. In my case, I required help with perfecting my performance in the assessment centre, especially with presentations and group exercises.

City Gambit helped me master techniques that made sure that my performance in the assessment centre reflected the best of my abilities. This helped me secure multiple offers and embark on my career at a leading Investment Bank.

The team at City Gambit comprises great professionals, and I would strongly recommend the company to anyone who is pursuing a career in the City.


JP Morgan

I heard about City Gambit services by word of mouth from my friends who have enlisted Oleg’s help before. He provided a comprehensive, holistic service for them, and they were extremely happy with the results. I decided to try it for myself.

Reflecting on it now, I understand that, on my own, I lacked the specific understanding of the process and the time to achieve this understanding. This is where City Gambit came in: they helped me structure my approach to the application process and offered unique insights on performing efficiently. This unique knowledge coming from years of experience made a great difference for my application process. City Gambit has focused on every little thing, and the knowledge I gained through the coaching is useful in my job today too. For instance, City Gambit taught me how to network effectively through building rapport with people I have never met before in as little as half an hour.

Getting an offer, especially for international students in the current climate, is quite challenging. You need to make a great argument not only as to why you would make an outstanding employee worth of investment, but also why the company should sponsor your visa. This means that you should be in the top 5% of all candidates. City Gambit’s comprehensive approach based on their unique knowledge of the process and stress on individuality of every case helped me secure my current job with Accenture.




I was advised to approach City Gambit when I first embarked on my job search. I did — and I have not regretted it since. Oleg possesses unrivalled experience and is a superb professional. He gave me useful and tailored advice regarding interview and assessment centres, explained the process in detail, and shared hints and secrets on how to pass my assessments successfully. I was also given examples of great interview answers, which I used in my interviews with EY, Deloitte, KMPG, and PwC, where I accepted the offer.

My experience with City Gambit was undoubtedly useful, but what sets it apart from any other coaching process is that it is also enjoyable. Oleg may be strict at times, but this only inspires me to work harder and aim higher. I recommend City Gambit services to anyone in active search for an internship or a graduate offer. It helped me for sure!




City Gambit helped me break through the competition and secure an IBD Graduate Training Position at Citi. I needed to ensure I could provide outstanding answers to the competency questions in my interviews and outperform my competitors in assessment days.   

City Gambit offered me a clear strategy to guarantee exceptional results in every part of the assessments I took. After we were happy with the content of my answers, we focused on the structure and delivery. I was confident and knew what to expect during the process. This enabled me to focus on building relationships rather than worrying about what I was saying.

Over a year into my Graduate Training Program, I am using the techniques that City Gambit shared with me to accelerate my career. I would strongly recommend City Gambit to anyone who is serious about securing and developing a successful career in the City.




At the end of my studies, I was desperate. Working in the City was my dream, but I kept getting rejections from City firms and was beginning to lose hope. I realised that I had missed all my deadlines and had no idea about how I could secure an offer with a City firm.

City Gambit went through the options with me and offered powerful strategies that I could use in my situation. In a short space of time, I managed to meet over 30 City professionals, which not only helped me build my network but also exposed me to the options available. After I began to work with City Gambit, every application I made was converted into interviews, and I quickly managed to receive an offer from a leading City firm. 



Duff & Phelps

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