Have you only just realised that you want to apply for top graduate schemes? Are you worried that all the best vacancies are gone? Graduate job search in March may be a less obvious task than in autumn. This, however, does not necessarily mean that there are no opportunities. In fact, here are four simple strategies to bear in mind if you want to secure a graduate job this spring.

Leverage your network.

Building up a professional network might just be the most important step of your graduate career. If you have connections to relevant professionals, you are more likely to get insiders’ information on relevant job openings, as well as tips and techniques on how to navigate the company’s specific application process. Invest time and effort in creating a network for yourself, and you will be constantly surprised by how useful it proves to be. Alert your contacts that you are interested in the opportunities that the company has to offer, and you will stand a solid chance of getting information about openings that others may not be aware of.

Call up graduate recruitment.

Even if there are no opportunities listed online, it is a good idea to give graduate recruitment at your chosen company a call. Ask them whether there are openings for a specific stream, and be sure to establish yourself as a great candidate for a potential graduate career. This will give you an accurate overview of what opportunities are still out there for you, as well as put you on the recruitment team’s radar.

Prepare a speculative application.

Always have a speculative application at hand when on lookout for opportunities once the application cycle is over. First of all, this will help you apply quickly once you discover an opportunity. Secondly, it will keep you focused and help you automate the application process, removing the constant worry about what to put on your application form. You must, of course, ensure that you tailor your speculative application to match the requirements of your chosen company when you are sending your application in though!

Build on experience.

Securing a graduate job in March is arguably a more difficult task than securing one in October. However, this means that you can be more creative about the process too! Make sure that you incorporate your experience to make your next move smarter every time. This will not only give you a better chance of succeeding, but also provide you with invaluable experience. You will learn how to use your contacts, perfect your CV, and interact with employers in a less traditional setting — and your every step will be firmer than the previous one!

Feeling inspired to land your dream graduate career yet? To make sure that your dream comes true this spring, drop us an email at hello@citygambit.com, and we will make sure that your graduate career is right within your reach!

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