We all experience that strange feeling of excitement and nerves when we’ve been invited for an interview at our desired company. It can be a daunting experience and one whirlwind of emotion when when you practise your answers, predict the questions and jog your memory of when you have deployed various skills so that you can flaunt them in the competency questions.

Yes, the preparation can be tedious, but only those that have nailed the groundwork will make the biggest and most memorable impression.

So here you are: our 5 top tips to keep your interview smooth, coherent and confident. Let us give you a chance to show off your intelligence and skill set that you have gained from both your degree and work experience.

Dress To Impress: Believe it or not, but your employer probably would have already made his mind up after the first 10 seconds of you walking through the door. Your choice of dress, body language, mannerism, approachability, and confidence have all spoken more about you before you have even answered the first question. Still, every company is different, and their standards of what type of clothing is interview-appropriate varies. You may not always need to the most formal suit, but your best bet is to dress on the star side rather than casual. Better be safe than sorry!

Practice Makes Perfect: No, you can’t wing it. It is imperative that you have practiced the questions beforehand. You can’t predict all the questions, but you can certainly try. There is absolutely no going wrong with perfecting your answers to “why do you want this job? Why are you most suited to this role? What value can you add to our company?” In one form or another, these questions will come up, as they form the core of what your employer wants to know about you. So make sure your answer is as unique and demonstrative. Include examples from university group projects or tasks you’ve excelled at at work, and be sure to highlight your specific achievements in each of your answers. After all, it is your achievements that set you apart!

The Language that Doesn’t Talk: This is perhaps the most difficult thing to control when your nerves are overtaking you — your body language. Whilst avoiding your stutters and stumbles and regurgitating all your revised answers, maintaining eye contact and keeping your shoulders relaxed and faced towards the interviewer is very reassuring. Coming across as an open, friendly and honest person always trumps a fidgety and seemingly uncomfortable person, or the one fiddling with their hair or clothes. On a psychological level, this can give an impression of a dishonest individual, who would not be particularly personable amongst their colleagues. Your interviewer wants to know that you will get on with your work peers, so a reasonable degree of sociability is crucial. There is no point knowing all the answers whilst being ostensibly unfriendly and aloof.

Mirror Your Interviewer: You may think it is psychological tricks 101, but mirroring works! Done subtly, it instantly establishes common ground between two people. The same tactics can be used for the handshake. Overpowering your interviewer’s handshake can imply arrogance, yet a weaker one may indicate a pushover. Therefore, mirroring their grip can create a feeling of mutual agreement.

Feeling more relaxed about your interview? It is time to find out how we can help you master the whole of the process! Check out our Packages, or drop us a message on Facebook or LinkedIn for success to knock on your door in as soon as 30 days!

Oleg Rak, Founder & CEO

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