We follow a 4 step process that has proven successful for hundreds of our students: Build, Master, Execute, and Integrate. Whether you need support with figuring out your career path, writing out your application forms, or mastering interviews and group exercises, we can provide you with the help and support you need to ensure that you stand out from the competition.

Your experience is individual, and you may need help with the whole process, or only a distinct stage. This framework is designed to help you understand where you stand strong and where you might need help and support. Depending on this, you can determine what level of involvement in the application process you require from us. Please contact us directly on 078691 13281 to learn more about the services we offer.


At this stage, you will focus on building a solid foundation for your success at the end. Whether you have an idea about your future career path or not, we help you discover and confirm your passion and strengths. For this, we use diverse profile testing techniques, including Talent Dynamics. We begin building your future professional network as early as this stage, so that you receive unique insights from experts in your chosen industry. We also help you create a step-by-step strategy to target your selected companies.


This stage is all about getting you ready for the process. Practice makes perfect, and we make sure that perfection extends to every stage of the process. Our experts help you master your written communication, ensuring that your CVs, cover letters and application forms are written to the highest standard. As for the interviews and assessment centres, you will go in prepared both in terms of content and delivery. We create our personal story tailored to your chosen industry and, based on that, develop your personal brand before your applications are in. We also perfect your social presence on LinkedIn to maximise your personal impact. Our image consultants help you project your personal brand and make sure you always stand out from the crowd.


You are now ready to play the game. Now, being an expert with respect to your chosen industry, you can focus on delivery. At this stage, we make sure you have regular support whenever you need it and with whatever challenges you might face. We monitor your progress to ensure you are always on track, right up to the moment when you accept the offer of your choice.


Your journey to a successful career in the City only just begins after securing your offer. At this stage, we design a program that sets you up for immediate growth within your chosen company and helps you accelerate your career. We continue supporting you on your journey to help you develop your career in the years to come via our alumni network.

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