Gambit (noun) \ˈgam-bət\: a planned series of moves at the beginning of a game of chess to gain an advantage in position


Who We Are

An Elite Graduate Career Coaching Firm that uses cutting-edge methods to help you secure offers with leading City companies and build a successful career. Depending on your needs, we can take your hand and lead you through the process, step by step, until you successfully secure the offer of your choice. Our particular focus is on investment banking, management consulting, Big Four and law firms, and leading multinationals.

How We Help

Our approach is unique: it draws on your passions and natural strengths to help you identify the best career path for you. We believe that securing an offer and building a career is a journey, and success may not come overnight. But we are here to help you, whichever stage of the process you’re currently at.

Who You Are

A student or recent graduate looking to develop a successful career in the City. You are taking your career seriously, and you are prepared to commit to the process until you secure your coveted offers.

Your Success

Our coaching services extend beyond the moment you accept your offer. We make sure that you are on the path to promotion from day one. You will have access to our experts and our alumni coaching network so that you are supported and encouraged to excel in your career. We have already helped dozens of students to secure their dream careers. Will you be next?


Oleg Rak

Ten years ago, I was in your shoes and having a tough time applying for internships and graduate jobs in the City. I cracked the process and helped many students since then, using the same strategy and perfecting it to the level when it works time and time again. I created City Gambit to enable students and recent graduates to realise their potential and transform their journey to securing internships and graduate offers with leading City firms. Now you have a chance to use this strategy to secure and enjoy your career in the City.


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